Trigon Evo

Download Trigon Evo Executor Latest Version 100% Free!

Trigon Evo executor work as LUA script, it executes almost 99% scripts. The devs of Trigon Evo always work to keep updating this executor, because Roblox updates every Wednesday.

What is Trigon Evo?

Trigon Evo is a Lua script execution environment. It is capable of running 99 percent of scripts.

Trigon Evo is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10. Every Wednesday, Roblox also releases new content. We guarantee that you will have a fully functional Trigon Evo within 1-24 hours of each update. It also has the most user-friendly Roblox Exploit GUI/Graphical User Interface. It also comes with a custom theme and a slew of other features!!

It has sophisticated code that allows it to go undetected, as well as a fully customizable and appealing user interface. It’s one of the best-unrestricted exploits available!

There are advertisements that appear in the form of pop-up windows. So, don’t download/open anything random. Only use Filedm or Linkvertise to download.

Trigon Evo Screenshots

Trigon Evo Features

● Best Support:

Best Support:  As a result, we strive to deliver the finest possible service to our customers.

● Best Script-Hub:

Best Script-Hub:  Every day, we add new scripts to our collection!!

● Use it for free:

Trigon competes with other leading executors while remaining completely free to use!!

● The most effective user interface:

Trigon outperforms all other executors in terms of user interface! And everyone enjoys it!

Trigon Evo Requirements

● Windows Operating System:

Only Windows operating systems are supported by Trigon. Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, & 11 are all supported (Windows 10 is recommended)

● Visual C++Redistributable:

Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019 must be installed on your computer. (Includes both x86 and x64 architectures).

● Microsoft .Net Framework:

You should have the most recent version of the.Net Framework installed, or at the very least.

Net Framework 4.8

● DirectX Runtime (Microsoft):

Certain sorts of scripts and functionality that use DrawingLib require the installation of DirectX Runtime. (Examples include Unnamed ESP, DarkHub ESP, and others.)

Trigon Evo Download


  1. Go to settings> Update and security > Window security > Virus and threat protection.
  2. Click on manage settings and disable real time protection then only trigon will be downloaded on your device.
  3. Go ahead and click the link.
  4. Select ‘Get Trigon (filedm)’ from the drop-down menu.
  5. Click ‘Next’ after you’ve opened the file.
  6. Decline the offers and Uncheck the ‘Install Opera’.
  7. Now you will be given a URL, which you should copy and paste into a new tab in your browser.
  8. A new file will be downloaded; you may receive a warning during this process; choose ‘Keep it anyway.’
  9. You now have a ‘Trigon launcher’ in the form of a ‘Zip File’.
  10. Put the ‘Zip File’ in your Roblox Folder after extracting it.
  11. Open the ‘Trigon launcher’ by clicking on the file.
  12. If you receive an alert, go to ‘more info’ and choose ‘run anyway.’
  13. ‘Trigon Evo’ is now installed on your device.